Why I Created a Food Tour in Small-Town Bentonville, Arkansas

on August 12, 2016

My name is Regina and I am the owner and operator of the new BiteSeeing Food Tours in Bentonville, Arkansas. Here’s a little insight about me and my inspiration behind creating this tour.

Am I a chef? No (however I really enjoy cooking).

Am I a food blogger? No.

Am I a foodie? Maybe, however I would never call myself that. I’m more comfortable referring to myself as a Food Nerd or a lover of all-things food.

I love food, I mean I REALLY love food. I love talking about food, smelling food, looking at food, reading about food and I especially LOVE eating food. I love the magic of taking ingredients then blending and layering them to produce a beautiful and delicious end product. I love that you can take one ingredient and change its texture and taste by cooking it through different techniques and formats. I love the visual, artistic aspect of how food is plated and displayed, creating feelings inside of us. It truly is a creative art form regardless of how simplistic or complicated the process. I love how it creates a form of edible storytelling and can instantly transport us to a specific time in our lives. Do I think food is the great equalizer and can bring people of different backgrounds and beliefs together for a special moment in time? Yes, and that’s exactly what I hope happens on my tours.

When I decided to build, from the ground up, a new type of industry in Northwest Arkansas these thoughts were a large part of my inspiration. In addition to my obvious passion for food I also have a passion for creating special experiences for people. For many years I have unofficially, and on a smaller scale, been creating these types of experiences for my personal friends.

So why Bentonville? Bentonville is in the midst of a food movement and has gained national attention for it’s amazing chefs and local foods.  So the idea of sharing something that would showcase our growing culinary scene in downtown Bentonville; well I just couldn’t pass that up.  I got to work building an experience that shares a variety of different types of eateries around downtown Bentonville and then layered on interesting and fun history and culture. My hope is that in the 3 hours spent eating your way through downtown Bentonville, you experience our little town in a new way; learning about each owner’s/chef’s inspiration behind the food you’re eating as well as some new history and fun facts about Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas. I hope to see you on one of the tours soon!


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