About BiteSeeing Food Tours, Northwest Arkansas

BiteSeeing Food Tours, Northwest Arkansas is a locally based business that began in 2016. This business was born through a pride and passion of our local cuisine and our local community. It was created in order to give locals and tourists a unique experience in tasting some of the amazing cuisine that downtown Bentonville has to offer and to highlight the town's history and culture. We are excited to use this as a platform to share and cultivate a love for our local area!

Downtown Bentonville

Meet The Founder, Creator, and Owner

Regina Barnes

Regina is the creator and owner of BiteSeeing Food Tours, the area’s first walking, guided food tour. She loves to share her enthusiasm for Bentonville’s local restaurants and food, amazing chefs, and cooking techniques showcasing artisan ingredients and local farms. While she doesn’t describe herself as a “foodie”, she’s a proud “food nerd”! BiteSeeing Food Tours perfectly combines two of her passions: seeking out and enjoying great food and creating special experiences for people.